Welcome to Fast Carriage.  Fast Carriage is a online grocery shopping website.

Private Individual:

This online shopping is only for "Private Individual".  You can create user account in this website if you are a Private Individual. However, we cannot validate whether registered user is "Private Individual" or not.  I would advise you that you could register in this website only if you are a "Private Individual".

Age of Consent:
This online shopping is only for persons of age 18 years or more.  This is our intention.  However, we cannot validate if the registered person's age is 18 or more.  I would advise you that you could register in this website if your age is 18 years or more.

Personal Data:

Fast Carriage would collect and/or process following information when you visit this website, during your registration of user account, modification of your information, checkout of your orders etc.

-  Salutation

-  First Name

-  Last Name

-  Address Details

-  Landline / mobile number

-  Email Address

-  News Letter Subscription

-  IP Address and/or Location

-  Captcha

-  About your activity data

-  Order details, history

-  Other Information

Fast Carriage would process your personal information to send an order details by email, payment terminal receipt by email, requesting customer suggestion/feeback, review by email,  provide an information by email, contact you on your mobile for the confirmation of your order and also for delivery time alignment, and for further details if required, etc.  Fast Carriage could also send SMS alert to inform next delivery date of orders to Customer's outside of Brussels.  Fast Carriage could also send holiday notice by email and SMS, and also remainders.

Modification of personal data:

You can also modify your personal information once you login to Fast Carriage website.  You can also add or modify or delete "Address Entries".  You can also add New Shipment Address Details and New Delivery Address when you checkout your shopping cart.  You can also correct your information by yourself.  If you face any issues or if you have any queries, you can also send an email to us from your registered email address to info@fastcarriage.com.  Fast Carriage would respond to your queries within 30 working days upon receipt.

Date Retention:

Your data would not be retained longer than what is required. Your order details would be stored minimum one week where you could check.  Fast Carriage would also take a backup copies, and it might remain in web hosting server even after deletion of your user account.  Only authorized user will have access to your data.  For performance reason, all order details and history may not be available online.

For any questions please contact us at info@fastcarriage.com


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Types of cookies:

Non Persistent Cookies:
Non persistent cookies is also called as temporary cookies.  Non persistent cookies will expire when browser is closed and/or browser session ends.

Persistent Cookies:
Persistent cookies is also called permanent cookies.  It will be stored in computer, laptop, mobile, devices & hard drive until it expires or until user will delete these cookies.

You can also delete cookies from computer, laptop, mobile, devices & hard drive through browser.

Fast Carriage has rights to update Privacy Statement at any time in accordance with Privacy Law.  Fast Carriage has rights to update Cookies Statement

If you have any questions regarding "Privacy Policy" request you to please contact us at info@fastcarriage.com.  We will respond to you for all your queries within 30 working days of receipt.